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  • Typical customer case

    Industry: Robot Manufacturing 

    Service: R&D Project Collaboration, Enterprise Digital Asset Management 

    Coverage: 1,500 Employees

    Shenzhen Hairou Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


    Hairou Innovation focuses on the R&D and design of the box-type storage robot system, and realizes the independent research and development of core elements such as the robot body, the underlying positioning algorithm, the control system, the robot scheduling, and the intelligent warehouse management system.
    Business coverage: R&D of robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms, customized storage automation solutions, and the pioneer and leader of box-type storage robot systems.

    1. A departmental team of 1,500 people builds a R&D collaboration system.

    Real-time project man-hour efficiency analysis of employees realizes in-depth multi-project, long-term project, and multi-terminal association

    2. 300% efficiency improvement Document archiving and analysis speed.

    Saves 60% of enterprise R&D resources to realize digital management of documents

    3. Four major business scenarios realize digital visualization.

    100% improve the vision and decision-making speed of the decision-making layer to realize the high-level data cockpit


  • Industry: Software information service industry 

    Service: Work order system construction, advanced configuration customization 

    Coverage: 200 employees

    Beijing Pingkai Star Technology Development Co., Ltd.


    PingCAP is an industry-leading enterprise-level open source distributed database company, providing services including open source distributed database products, solutions and consulting, technical support and training certification.

    Committed to providing global industry users with a stable, efficient, safe, reliable, open and compatible new data service platform, liberating the productivity of enterprises and accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

    1. Customized bill of lading type

    Satisfy different customer visits,

    reduce customer choices, and directly reach the needs


    2. Work order data visualization

    The cause can be better traced from the result to improve operational decision-making


    3. Configuration automation 

    Reduce manual intervention and improve data flow efficiency