• Our Advantage

    6000+ Jira/Confluence plug-in manufacturer partners at home and abroad

    Fanwei OA provides customers with easy-to-use digital office software

    Yonyou is the world's leading enterprise cloud service and software provider

    Tencent Cloud provides developers and enterprises with overall one-stop service solutions such as cloud services, cloud data, and cloud operations

    MiniOrange security authentication, single sign-on solution service provider

    MindPro creates and tracks customer service contracts, billable and non-billable work, timesheets, and project costs and profits

    Test management tool Xray Design, test, track and release a great platform for everyone on the team

    Tempo is the market leader in automated time tracking for Jira, giving organizations the insight they need to stay on top of project costs, plan resources, and track client costs and capital expenditures

    K15t helps teams modernize the way they author and manage content and documents

  • Provide in-depth solutions for enterprises


    Enterprise CMDB master data construction

    Data center construction plan

    Enterprise wiki construction

    Three-dimensional knowledge base document scheme

    In-depth management of long-term R&D projects

    Collaborative solutions inside and outside the enterprise

    Enterprise Data Asset Management

    Business Data Visualization Solution

  • Cost-effective characteristic maintenance service


    Save $300,000 per year

    Professional staffing costs

    Consultants provide system solutions for enterprises without the need for enterprises to support people, so as to focus on the main business of enterprises

    Save $200,000 per year

    Upgrade service fee

    Provide value-added upgrades and system security services

    Security services provided per year

    Reduce data management costs

    Safeguard enterprise data management

    Annual systematic consulting training

    Greatly accelerate system efficiency

    In-depth training consulting helps enterprises quickly gain

  • The first consultant team with enterprise management consulting and system deployment and implementation capabilities


    Enjie Zhu-Team Founder

    • 10 years of product and project management experience, proficient in Jira/Confluence products and solutions;
    • One of the founders of Atlassian China Community
    • Enterprise multi-system effective integration expert
    • Enterprise digital transformation solution consultant
    • Provide enterprise service consulting services for more than 20 high-tech manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies
    • Author of the Jira Confluence application book " Chinese Enterprise Collaborative Solutions "
  • Consultant Representative


    Minqi Zhang (Shanghai)

    • 5 years of Internet project management experience
    • Jira Confluence Implementation Consultant
    • Provide knowledge base document management solutions for enterprises for many years
    • Software development project management experience, managing product-development-Test the whole process, implement and correct for the Scrum process,Process deviations provide solutions
    • Project: Watsons, SAIC Volkswagen Microservices


    Wei Shi (Suzhou)

    • 10+ years of software project management experience
    • 5+ years of DevOps solution design and implementation experience
    • 2+ years mobile phone hardware engineer experience
    • Familiar with enterprise management in manufacturing factories, software, insurance, and Internet fields
    • Responsible for IAC's new product development projects
    • Responsible for the release and delivery of distributed storage [EMC ATMOS]
    • Responsible for the consulting and implementation of big data solutions in a certain industry


    Yuhui Gan (Guangzhou)

    • 10 years of software engineering management experience
    • Proficient in DevOps core tools: Jira, Git, Jenkins;and secondary development
    • Expert in engineering collaboration and business index establishment
    • Author of 2 Atlassian official academic articles
    • Leading the completion of the 500-person IT company SAFe® strategic transformation project
    • Responsible for delivering multiple IT digitization projects and DevOps pipeline projects
  • long-term value realization

    Overall R&D project acceleration

    Collaboration between various departments at home and abroad

    Enterprise management operation and maintenance cost reduction

    High-level data decision strengthening

  • Typical customer case

    Industry: Robot Manufacturing 

    Service: R&D Project Collaboration, Enterprise Digital Asset Management Coverage: 1,500 Employees

    Shenzhen Hairou Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.


    Hairou Innovation focuses on the R&D and design of the box-type storage robot system, and realizes the independent research and development of core elements such as the robot body, the underlying positioning algorithm, the control system, the robot scheduling, and the intelligent warehouse management system.
    Business coverage: R&D of robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms, customized storage automation solutions, and the pioneer and leader of box-type storage robot systems.

    1. A departmental team of 1,500 people builds a R&D collaboration system.

    Real-time project man-hour efficiency analysis of employees realizes in-depth multi-project, long-term project, and multi-terminal association

    2. 300% efficiency improvement Document archiving and analysis speed.

    Saves 60% of enterprise R&D resources to realize digital management of documents

    3. Four major business scenarios realize digital visualization.

    100% improve the vision and decision-making speed of the decision-making layer to realize the high-level data cockpit


  • Industry: Software information service industry 

    Service: Work order system construction, advanced configuration customization 

    Coverage: 200 employees

    Beijing Pingkai Star Technology Development Co., Ltd.


    PingCAP is an industry-leading enterprise-level open source distributed database company, providing services including open source distributed database products, solutions and consulting, technical support and training certification.


    Committed to providing global industry users with a stable, efficient, safe, reliable, open and compatible new data service platform, liberating the productivity of enterprises and accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

    1. Customized bill of lading type

    Satisfy different customer visits,

    reduce customer choices, and directly reach the needs


    2. Work order data visualization

    The cause can be better traced from the result to improve operational decision-making


    3. Configuration automation

    Reduce manual intervention and improve data flow efficiency


  • Our Client

    Beijing Pingkai Star Technology Development Co., Ltd.


    Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd.


    Standard & Poor's Credit Ratings (China) Co., Ltd.

    Standard & Poor's

    Shenzhen Ruishi Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd.

    Ruishi Zhixin

    Suzhou Peerless Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Singular Medical

    Zhongan Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.

    Zhong An

    Shenzhen Hairou Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

    Hai Robotics

    Nanjing Xiyin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

    Shein (clothing)

  • Contact Information


    2nd Floor, Building 2, Pujiang Science and Technology Plaza, No. 2388, Chenhang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai


    8A-313, Tianhe Building, No. 118, Nanyuan North Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


    3#515, Beidou Field Geospatial Information Fuzhou Industrialization Base, No. 15 Gaoxin Avenue, Shangjie Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province


    Room 601, Block A, Wanhe Technology Building, No. 7 Huitong Road, Guangming District, Shenzhen